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Phone: (260)-593-9943
Fax: (250)-593-2611
Address: 9240 W 400 S, Topeka, IN. 46571

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Drew Sandora

    I called to get information on Organic Poultry Grower feed. The lady I spoke to was going to get a picture of the ingredients tag and email me but there may have been some confusion over what my email address was so I thought I’d better see if I could find your website and low and behold I did.

    1. Mr. Ed

      Sorry about the miscommunication here. I will email you that label now. You are wanting a tag for Organic Grower correct? Not a layer feed?

  2. CJ

    where would I find your prices for your chicken feed and Alpaca feed and rabbit for bags and possibly priced to be delivered ? Or where would a supplier be if you have one in northern Indiana. I have a small family feed store I like to go to and support and would like to know if he might consider carrying your feed.


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