Hi-Protein 27 Dog Food

Administrator   June 11, 2015   Comments Off on Hi-Protein 27 Dog Food

hiprotein-smYour dog works hard every day just to please you. Return the favor with the meat protein he needs to build muscle and stay in peak physical condition. Working dogs, including hunting dogs, farm dogs, and protection dogs burn extra energy and use more protein for muscle repair and replenishment. Kent Hi-Protein 27 dog food provides your canine athlete with just what he needs to thrive and to get the job done. Hi-Protein 27 dog food is complete and balanced for work and performance. Its high-quality ingredients make digestion easier and helps minimize stool volume. And because of Hi-Protein 27’s bold meat taste, your dog will eat during those times of stress. Feed Hi-Protein 27 to your dog and give him the reward he deserves.