Mr. Ed   June 8, 2016   Comments Off on INDIANA NON GMO TESTED GRAIN & FEED

Many folks are producing NON GMO FEED.  However! do they test their grains…We have been testing our grain supply for approx 1.5 yrs to insure we are producing a truly  NON GMO feed. We have rejected incoming grains due to the GMO content as well as micotoxins. A very interesting thing with the NON GMO CORN…Typically it has a softer shell than conventional corn. In the conventional world they have developed a hard shell corn to withstand multiple handling operations and shipping. This in turn makes it harder for animals to digest. When I run test I can tell by how creamy the liquid is once I grind it and mix with water. This isn’t the actual test but most generally is a good sign that what I have is truly NON GMO. I would say it stands true in 90% of my test. SO, that being said if you combine the softer kernel of NON GMO corn w/ our natural minerals you are getting a very digestible healthy feed for your animals..Mr. Edits_friday