Mr. Ed   September 15, 2015   Comments Off on WE DO NOT HAVE THE MEAT!!

WE DO NOT HAVE THE MEAT, BUT,We have the feed that makes the meat. Think about how many times you swing by and grab a quick burger, chicken, etc. And when you go to the store and pick out your just right choice of meat for your family. Unfortunately meat doesn’t grow on trees. However, It does grow on farms all across the US. The biggest question becoming an even bigger question is, where did the meat come from and how was it raised. Is it meat that came across the water from another country, is it from a mass produced facility or is it actually farm raised with much attention paid to what the animals were fed.? Unfortunately the labels do not tell you where it came from. What we are seeing here at the mill is an increasing number of folks raising their own OR, buying from small farms that raise either ORGANIC or NON-GMO fed animals. Many folks are raising their own (chickens) (both meat birds and layers), (PIGS),(BEEF COWS), and even an occasional dairy cow for their own milk. As a producer of NON-GMO feeds we are seeing the demand grow. Many small markets and meat stores are now offering NON-GMO meat and ORGANIC meat. Around the Shipshewana area many small farmers are selling their meet to specialty stores in the city’s such as CHICAGO, NEW YORK ,etc. People are looking for the healthy option and will travel a distance to purchase it. SO..WE DO NOT HAVE THE MEAT..BUT…WE HAVE THE FEED TO PRODUCE THE (HEALTHY) MEAT. Mr. Ed