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Puppy Prime

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Your puppy is an important addition to your family. Make sure he gets what he needs with Kent Puppy Prime puppy food. Puppy Prime has been developed to meet the unique nutritional demands of your growing puppy. With poultry protein and other high-quality ingredients, Puppy Prime is easy on your puppy’s digestive system, which can mean less clean-up and easier… Read more »

Hi-Protein 27 Dog Food

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Your dog works hard every day just to please you. Return the favor with the meat protein he needs to build muscle and stay in peak physical condition. Working dogs, including hunting dogs, farm dogs, and protection dogs burn extra energy and use more protein for muscle repair and replenishment. Kent Hi-Protein 27 dog food provides your canine athlete with… Read more »

Adult Prime

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As a mature adult, your dog may have slowed down a little. He is a comfortable member of your family and just doesn’t run and play as much as he used to. As dogs mature, they generally require fewer calories, but still need high-quality nutrition. Kent Adult Prime provides just what your mature dog needs to stay healthy. Poultry protein… Read more »

Active Dog

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For dogs on the go, Kent Active Dog delivers over 1,700 Kcal of metabolizable energy per pound. Made with high-quality poultry and meat proteins, and a higher fat level, it is the ideal food for intense activity including performance, working or hunting. Active Dog has a balanced omega-3 fatty acid profile for excellent skin and coat and improved immune response…. Read more »