Mr. Ed   November 5, 2015   Comments Off on GMO FREE TESTED FEED IN TOPEKA INDIANA

gmo-free-label-vector-illustration-34552481 GMO FREE FEED IN TOPEKA INDIANA, How do we know for sure? We test each field of corn prior to it coming to our mill. We have purchased a tester that will show us 9 different GMO’s. As we have farmers wanting to sell their corn we require a sample prior to delivery so we can test for GMO’s. As we test we will see varying results based on seed companies. However this year has been very good as far as corn with 3% or under GMO %’s. We are currently requiring 3% or under and are moving toward 1.5% by next harvest season. By testing our grains our confidence level in producing NON-GMO has risen. Each and every time I test our grains I clean, calibrate and test with provided test strip. This results in accurate testing of each sample. Once the grain is approved we then allow the farmers to bring in the grains. We then produce our NON-GMO feed with our All natural minerals and vitamins to make the HEALTHY FEED YOUR ANIMALS NEED. We make feed for all domestic animals and more. Being a small mill we still custom mix as needed .                                                                         For more  information call us at 260-593-9943its_friday