Mr. Ed   June 10, 2016   Comments Off on NON GMO FED CHICKENS..COUNT THE EGGS

Feeding your chickens with NON GMO GRAINS combined with all natural minerals…WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?   

A.  Your birds are healthier. The bird is absorbing the grains and minerals more to increase the immune system and in turn help with digestion, and overall body function.

B. Higher lay %, If your bird is healthy it will naturally lay more eggs. We have had many customers express their excitement of seeing birds that have not laid for a period actually start producing after switching to our NON GMO FEED  with CRYSTAL CREEK MINERALS.

C.  Healthier eggs or meat for your family, By taking out the GMO traits in the grains you are going back in time to a more natural food supply. Studies show there are many negative effects from the genetic modifications in grains. The old saying you are what you eat holds true.

We offer the healthy feed your animals need. We Test our grains and blend them with an all natural mineral from Crystal Creek in Spooner Wisc. ..Mr. Edimages (63)a-bowl-full-of-brown-eggs